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12 Win Battle Ram Challenge Deck - Miner Control Deck Without Executioner

Hey there! For the minority who read my guides, you've probably realized I haven't been as active lately. In fact, it's been almost a whole week since my last guide. Good news (I think), I'm back! I will start posting guides much more regularly again. Not as regularly as before, but still expect maybe 1 guide every 3-4 days. Anyways, Ima talk about a deck that just plopped into my brain a minute after joining my second battle ram challenge (first one I went 10-3 with the meta giant-executioner-fireball-tornado, I suck) and put it together and flew by the battle ram challenge, going 8-0, but later on, players actually got the hang of the battle ram and I ended up going to 11-2. But I pulled of the winner takes all the marbles game and ended 12-2! Note that this isn't grand, but classic. I'd do grand, but I have a pathetic 4 gems atm. Anyways, the best thing about this deck is 1) it has miner, and 2) NO EXECUTIONER!!!!!!!!! That is right, a no executioner 12 win deck! I currently don't have access to giving proof, but I promise that I pulled of the 12. You've probably seen a bunch of battle ram decks by now, but I promise you, this is a deck you will love! You wanna see the deck? Keep reading to find out!


Miner: Your main win condition. Rely on this to chip down the tower slowly bit by bit. Fireball plus miner can easily but slowly chip down a tower over 6 minutes time, but make sure your fireballs are worthy. Not being a traditional control/tempo-burn player, I sometimes chip at the tower with lone miners and value fireballs, but I love to counterpush. I usually try setting up a solid defense with my troops, and rely on the surviving ones to get in some chip damage by protecting them with a miner. But just like with any deck and battle situation, make sure you don't overcommit, especially with a deck like this where overwhelming your opponent isn't your strong suit.

Electro Wizard: Electro wizard is now one of my staple cards in a lot of my tourney standard decks. The fact that it can't be fireballed just makes it so much more reliable. Plus, my musketeer and wizard are both lvl 6 and my ice wizard falls prey in this meta, my executioner is lvl 2, so why not just run the one support card (apart from bowler) I have up to par? The stun effect also comes clutch in miner decks. If you want the tower to target some other troop, the ewiz can sometimes help out with that! Electro wizard also offers great capabilities on defense by shutting down support troops like mega minion, and even mitigating tons of damage from tanks (though ewiz versus tanks isn't a preferable defensive option).

The Log: In ladder, zap is my friend. In challenges/tournaments, the log is stapled into all my decks (unless I run tornado). The log offers so much value and even before it came into meta, I was able to realize its potential. It won't target anywhere in the arena. But if you think about it, it has the largest target zone in the game. being able to wipe out cheap ground swarm troops from the back of the tower all the way to the bridge. A zap can't even do that! The log offers lots of versatility overall and can grant enormous positive elixir trades!

Minions: Minions have now become one of my favourite cards in the game! Despite it's vulnerability to spells, it is extremely versatile, a great response card, and offers some unbelieveable counterpushing capabilities, especially with a miner deck. Minions are great on defense, solid on offense, and can be supported very well, whether it be offense or defense. If you wait for an executioner to lock onto your main defense, you can then place the minions at a different angle from the main defensive unit and the minions can easily counter an executioner unscathed! You can then support it with a card such as battle ram or miner for a strong counterpush!

Guards: A very underrated card in the current meta, the guards provide great value! It's shields make it a half-decent stopper to the OP executioner. They can counter numerous win conditions quite effectively, mitigating lots of damage that would otherwise get through. Guards synergize very well on offense with the battle ram and miner and also extremely reliable on defense paired with an inferno tower or electro wizard. If you don't use this card, I'd suggest giving it a try! You'll be surprised at how useful it is.

Inferno Tower: Just like Pompeyo, that one card I'd try putting into every deck I use would be inferno tower. Whenever I can, I plop this beast of a defensive building right into my deck! It's reliability is insane and the effectiveness in taking out tanks is unreal! The best thing is how balanced and effective it is overall, especially when properly supported. Despite graveyard, electro wizard, and inferno tower's easily distractable and resetting capabilities, this card still outperforms so many other defensive options in the game. I love to pair this card with electro wizard to form an insane defensive combo. If the electro wiz survives, I go for a counterpush with either guards, miner, or battle ram.

Fireball: A super versatile spell, the fireball is great at killing of support troops, squishy troops like barbarians, and also effective at weakening troops like executioner and elite barbarians. You can always fireball the tower for chip damage AS LONG AS you get some sort of value off of it (e.g, fireball the tower plus a unit that costs 3+ elixir). Don't always do this, but only when you know you're in the safe. The fireball is just overall really useful, and in this meta, very reliable (for killing/weakening supports behind tanks like giant).

Battle Ram: The final and obvious card in the deck, the battle ram. I'm gonna be honest, this card as of now doesn't seem too much of a threat. However, it can be effective when used in the right situation, at the right time, and in the right way. I've gotten tons of damage from using this card properly on offense. On the contrary, I've gotten lots of value surprisingly on defense too using this card! The barbarians popping out are great at shutting down support troops and squishy troops like mini pekka. It isn't the best choice, but when necessary, definitely use this card on defense versus cards like the ones I mentioned. On offense, a battle ram left alone deals massive damage. I'm not sure exactly how much, but I've been able to take over 1000 damage of a tower even when the opponent tried countering the battle ram (but with a poor counter). Overall, the battle ram is sort of like the tornado, it has potential and very useful and reliable mechanics that haven't been fully discovered yet.

Pros and Cons


-Great versus lava hound

-Strong versus Giant Lightning

-Great versus hog rider

-Many playstyles attached (counterpushing, defensive/burn, and fast cycling)

-When played correctly and with good hands, can counter just about any deck

-A very versatile deck


-Very precise troop placement required versus executioner

-Letting too big of a push get through without having enough elixir to control it can be devastating

-Not very strong at combacks, so defense before offense is a must

-Overcommitting can be very punishing!

-Weak to high splash decks

-Average versus Spell Bait (bad hand verse it can easily cost you the game)

General Gameplan
Basically, you just wanna slowly chip away at the tower with miner. However, the deck is great at counterpushing and when done properly, you can devastate your opponent with counterpushes with battle ram, miner, guards, etc. On defense, your main option is inferno tower and than support it with the appropriate unit, whether it be troops or spells, so you can successfully defend. Make sure troop placement versus executioner is precise so troops like guards or minions can finish an executioner or bowler off when they're distracted on a different troop. I'm not gonna go into too much detail due to time shortage and the fact that I'm working on three other guides at the same time. But that is basically it if you wanna learn how to play the deck from a limited understanding.

So I hope this deck will help you succeed in the battle ram tournament without using executioner and trying out some underused and underrated cards like guards. This is it for my guide. I usually do common matchups, but honestly, the only thing I face in battle ram challenge is either hog rider or giant lightning/fireball executioner, or any other tank + executioner, and the occassional graveyard. I hope you've found a solid battle ram deck and see you in the arena!

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