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Interactions, Indirect Buffs, and Meta Shifts of the 1/23 Balance

Just skip this first parapragh if you don't want to waste your time. It is just my opinions.

Finally, the long awaited balance changes. I'm a little surprised at them; not because they were unreasonable, but because Supercell is starting to look at the game in the long run. Cards like Zap and the Ice Spirit have been the foundation of the balance for a long time, and they must ripped them up. This will let them start over fresh with a new base. Hopefully these changes will improve the changes they make on the future.

Interaction Changes 
In order of most imprtant to least important, here are the specific changes we have coming at tournament standards. You probably already knew most of them.

- Zap does not one-shot Goblins.
- Fireball does not one-shot Electro Wizard.
- Ice Spirit leaves Minions with enough health to survive two shots from a Crown Tower.
- Mega Minion only gets one hit on a Crown Tower if undefended. (False. OJ has said otherwise, although if the Mega Minion comes in at an angle it still might be true.)
- Two Mega Minon or Elite Barb hits and a Crown Tower shot will not kill an Electro Wizard (Maybe, depending on rounding. They may have him exactly match Musketeer's health, in which case this will exactly kill him).

Usage Predictions 
Newton's Third Law states that for each nerf, there is an equal and opposite buff. We may have only had nerfs, but a lot of cards are going to see some more action.
- Zap down a lot.
- The Log up a bit.
- Arrows up.
- Elite Barbarians down a bit.
- Ice Spirit down.
- Skeletons up.
- Goblins up a lot.
- Goblin Barrel up a lot.
- Minion Horde up a lot.

- Minions up.
- Wizard up a bit.
- Ice Golem down a bit.
- Inferno Tower up a bit.
- Archers up a bit.
- Mega Minion down a bit.
- Electro Wizard up.
- Elixir Collector up.
- Skeleton Army up a lot.

The Upcoming Meta 
Everyone wants to get an early jump on the bandwagon, so here are some of the things to keep in mind.
- First off, every meta has it's spell sets. I'm guessing that there will be a lot of spell-baiting decks that will revolve mostly around Minion Horde and Goblin Barrel. A good number of decks will also be running the two recently buffed Wizards, too. The responses to these are going to be focusing around having either The Log and Fireball, or for decks more apt at handling Goblin Barrel, Arrows and Lightning. Triple-spell decks will likely come back a bit, too.

- This balance patch killed control-style playSome of the best cycle and stall cards were heavily nerfed. Without the good use of Ice Spirit, Ice Golem, and the two cost spells, making a positive elixir trade in defense will be a bit harder. With many control decks falling apart, we will likely see some beatdown decks come out. For those who still want to try control, I suggest running Goblins and Inferno Towers. Also, have something to answer Elixir Collectors with. Hog Rider will likely be a great choice since some of his older support that were easily countered by Zap will be more viable soon. Also, I'm guessing that there will be less buildings. Still, watch out for The Log.

- Spell Baiting will be everywhere. Decks will be built around the two biggest buffs of this patch: 
Goblin Barrel and Minion Horde. The obvious tanks of support will be Miner in control decks, and Giant Skeleton in beatdowns, who will be able to handle the upcoming surge of Goblins. Skeleton Army is as strong as ever, and Fire Spirits will be a great option for handling other spell baits, now that Zap is going to be less common. Mirror will fall out, now that Goblin Barrel is able to survive Zap and Ice Golem won't as completely counter Skeleton Army.

- Giant decks will be back in full force soon. With the amount of good ranged support available, and with control losing many of its key players, it is inevitable. Graveyard will not work as his support as well anumore, though. Goblins and Minions will be very common, and they can be hard to respond to on defense. Bowler, Electro Wizard, and Musketeer will all be good supports. Also, running Elixir Collector to bait Lightning/Fireball is not a bad idea at all.

- A quick note on playing against Goblin Barrel. If ranked for with Miner, Fireball is a good stop and gives some positive elixir. The Log can also do a perfect stop if well timed (watch out for corner throws). Also, for corner throwers, use a splash troop or try to stop their tank (distract Giant Skeleton before he finished crossing the bridge). Lastly, a Skeleton Army placed on the back of a tower will distract the entire group, and with Zap rates down, this will be very effective. Oh, and let's not forget a Bowler placed directly behind the tower and the Excecutioner placed to throw diagonally and take out the last two Goblins the Crown Tower targets.

Hope this helps, and don't hold it against me if I'm wrong, but there is one thing I'm certain of: the game is taking a serious turn here. If I missed anything or you don't agree on something, please comment below and I'll get back to you (I'll actually respond).

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