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Recommended Decks for Ladder and Challenges (12 Wins, 4400+ Cups)

Hello, I'm Aaron. I have two fantastic decks I've had tremendous success with that I'd like to share with all of you. I'm currently at around 4400 trophies using level 11 commons, level 7-8 rares, level 4-5 epics, and level 1-2 legendaries. The decks I am sharing are not super easy to play, but are deadly in the hands of skilled players. The first deck is as follows.

Elite barbs (11)
Giant (8) 
Mega minion (7)
Tombstone (7)
Wizard (8)
Archers (11)
Log (2)
Zap (11)

This is the deck I'm currently using on the ladder. It's fantastic for counterpushing against big tanks and especially Royal Giants (the bane of my existence). 

Giants, Golems, and hog riders 
When defending a giant, hog rider, or golem, make sure to place your tombstone in a 4-3 plant. 4 tiles away from the tower the tank is targeting and 3 tiles in front of the king tower. This will pull the tank as far as possible allowing both towers to target it and the maximum amount of time for it to travel. When there is support the wizard is perfect for taking out minions, archers can work well too paired with zap if necessary. I if there is one or two ranged troops like a musketeer and/or ice wizard elite barbs can be placed around them. After they kill them they'll run towards the giant and then you can counterpush. If there's a big death ball you can place the wizard at the far right beside your tower and then distract everything with elite barbs or the giant. This will allow your wizard to kill it all. Obviously I can't go through every scenario but this are some simple and important things to make the deck work. Your wizard may be fireballed, good thing we have archers for backup. 

Royal Giants 😬 (Just kidding this deck is great against them)
When dealing with a Royal giant put it 1 tile farther back and two tiles closer to the tower the Rgg is targeting (compared to the hog rider, golem, and giant plant. This will make sure it targets it and keeps the tower in range. The optimal counter along with the tombstone for the Royal giant is elite barbarians which can easily dispatch him and run straight to your opponents tower. The first time it's best to have your zap ready in case they have a skarmy. Once you know their deck it's your decision whether or not adding more support would be better. If there's are minions or weak ranged troop behind the RG a wizard can hit him and clean them up. Afterwards you can play the elites. Don't be afraid to take a little tower damage, you'all often be able to counterpush dealing much more damage. If your wizard isn't available archers can kill the minions and/or you can surround the ranged troops behind him with the elites. They will kill it and then take out the Royal giant. 

Lava hound 
Its best not to immediately play mega minion unless you know you have an elixir advantage and it will be able to clean it up nicely. If you see one coming in the back elites down the other lane with zap ready for skarmy works incredibly well, allowing you to use a single mega minion to dispatch the hound. If not playing archers on it instead with elites for a miner, wizard for minions (place him in such a way that he'll target them), or mega minion for baby dragon. Wizard works well for mega minion too. You can then drop a giant in front w/wo other support depending on your elixir and their deck.

This deck doesn't work super well in challenges, skarmies, hordes, furnaces, and even mirrors are common in challenges. This makes trouble for the deck. Which is why I created the other deck which I've gotten an electro wizard and 5 12 win grand challenges with in the last week. The deck is as follows.

Elite Barbs
Mega minion
Log (Electro wizard in his challenge) 

The furnace is a wonderful staple to distract tanks as well as keep pressure, deal tower damage, and support other troops. Skarmy and elites are fantastic for killing both tanks and support. Archers+Zap, furnace, and mega minion are best for minions and other air units. Again counterpushing is the key to victory, as well as surprise elites with zap or log. 

Many of the same tips for the other deck are valid for this one, it just has better defense and quicker yet weaker offense. I haven't attempted using it on the ladder, with a level 7 furnace it just won't work at 4400 trophies. 

Try out the decks, tell me what you think, and enjoy your challenge wins and trophy climbs. Good luck, keep clashing, Andrea have a great day!

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